By Justin Luke Zirilli


Gianni is gay, hot, young, and rolling in it.


By day, he bares every part of his flawless physique for skeezy photographers.


By night, he entertains daddies who will pay top dollar for his company - and three times as much if he stays the night.


Gianni loves his life, and wouldn't have it any other way - until things change when a would-be hookup turns into something he never saw coming.


On a random night, Gianni meets Danny, a seemingly innocent Jersey boy, for a date he intends to end in his bedroom. Instead, he finds a boy who would rather get coffee than get naked. 


As Gianni's painful past resurfaces, he suspects that Danny might be taking him for a ride. What's a bad boy to do?


Written by Justin Luke Zirilli, best-selling author of the novels Gulliver Takes Manhattan and Gulliver Takes Five, Gianni takes you back into the big apple for an entirely different, raw, sexy, and unexpected gay adventure.