The Gay Gospel

A Survival Guide for Gay 20Somethings in America Today
By Justin Luke Zirilli


What do gay 20somethings know when they set foot into the real world for the first time? Basically nothing! Meeting boys. Dating guys. Going to clubs. Drinking. Drugs. Sex. Love. Respect. Being yourself. These are only a few of the many trials every gay 20something has to tackle during this exciting yet life-defining decade.


As you trek through this turbulent time, you will encounter many things for the first time. You will feel things you haven’t felt before. You’ll find yourself in situations where you don’t know right from up and left from down. You will make a ton of mistakes. You will have regrets and anxiety. You will mess up over and over again. Fear not! You now have a survival guide to help you through the tumultuous 20somethings.


The “Gay Gospel" was created just for you and is packed full of the kind of advice that you need. From how to handle your alcohol and how to hook-up, to advice on breaking up and when to move in with a guy, this book covers many of the curveballs the 20somethings will throw at you which have all been lovingly broken down by one of New York City’s leading experts on gay 20somethings.


Justin Luke Zirilli is a guy who’s already dealt with all the things that you are now facing. He spends his nights hanging out with thousands of 20somethings, observing them as they try their best to live their lives without blowing everything up. He’s a gay nightlife savant and the Co-Owner and Director of Promotions of BoiParty, the NYC-based event company responsible for the city’s largest young, gay dance parties.


Justin survived his 20somethings and is now tackling the 30somethings. While he tries to figure that decade out he is happy to help you blaze a trail through your twenties without burning your hands off. It’s a simple fact of life: the 20somethings are a very difficult and important decade. Picking up this book is a great first step to the rest of your life!