The Last Ones

By Justin Luke Zirilli


Club Legion was a legend - the hottest of all gay New York City hotspots. It had the sexiest bartenders, the mose desirable go-go boys. It had Broadway night and drag queen Bingo. Major pop stars performed there. Anyone who was anyone showed up.


But in Manhattan, everything changes in a New York Minute, and Legion's long since lost its lustre. After more than two decades, this old club is finally shuttering its doors - but not before one seriously epic goodbye party.


For one last night, Legion is packed with the city's finest specimens - from a jaded bartender at the tail end of his glory days to the gossip maven who can't help but delight in the farewll drama, from the club's alcoholic sad sack owner to the heartless businessman who put it out of business in the first place.


Some came to find love. Some came to hook up. Many came to drink and dance and say goodbye to a place that somehow, at some point, changed their lives completely. These people have little in common, except they're the last ones to ever party at Club Legion.


And for each of them, it's going to be one hell of a night.