Time and Time Again

A Vampire Diaries Adventure
By Justin Luke Zirilli


It's 2014 and the world is in absolute tatters, coming apart at the seams. In an effort to stave off the planet's total annihilation, George Delta must embark on a suicide mission to get his hands on an enchanted, jealously protected object known as the Timestone.


AAfter that, the failed Olympic gymnast must do a double-backflip into the past, performing a perfect landing in Mystic Falls, circa 2009 - back before everything went horribly wrong.


His first mission is fitting into town, getting a job teaching at Mystic Falls High. And then he has to befriend all the town's irregulars, including Elena Gilbert, along with the town's oldest vampire and witch.


Only then can George hope to execute a daring, spectacular plan that might possibly change the course of the future and spare the world a spectacular calamity.


Best-selling author, Justin Luke Zirilli's Time and Time Again is another heart- (and clock) stopping mystery inspired by The Vampire Diaries television series.